Note Pads are the BEST SPECIALTY ITEM for your money.

Note PadsNote Pads are the BEST SPECIALTY ITEM for your money.  We don’t just say that because we produce them but over the years our customers have told us the same thing.  Most specialty items will end up in the trash or hidden away.  BUT, most note pads end up on someone’s desk.  What other specialty item can you say this about?  If you can get a note pad on your customers desk, they are more likely to call you.  Isn’t that what promotional items are all about?

At DEE BEE Printing, we can provide you with several types of specialty note pads.  The most common is the glued edge pads with a chipboard backing.  The most common size is ¼ sheet or 4.25” X 5.5”.  The size can be adjusted to your requirements as well as the number of sheets per pad.  There are also options for single color or full color printing.

Don’t just think note pads, these pads make great to do pads, prescription pads, receipt books, rebate pads, entry forms and much more!

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