Post-It Note Pads

Use Post-It Note Pads to grow your business?

 In researching business people about the promotional items they keep, Post-It note pads are always at or near the top of their list.  For not much more than the cost of a business card, you can give out Post It note pads. Be the business that gives the promotional item that doesn’t get tossed in the trash. Who doesn’t use sticky notes? A little sticky note here, A little sticky note there. Simple reminders everywhere! Post-It note pads are an excellent marketing tool.

Stay on their minds every day! Dee-Bee Printing will help you design pads that will catch the eyes of your current and future clients. Use your sticky notes as a marketing tool! You will be remembered when your name is the one they see while writing the note they need!

There are many options for Post-It Notes. They can be custom designed to suit your business. There are many paper color choices even fluorescent and paper shapes to choose from! There are post-it note cube pads, die-cut shapes, full color or poster paper post-its!

Options include:

  • One color or full color print
  • How many sheets per note pad
  • What size
  • Paper color
  • Total number of note pads
  • Shaped note pads

We also can provide glued edge note pads. They can provide a little different option but are also very effective in keeping your contact information in front of your customers.

Let us help you grow your business with Post-It Notes

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