Black and White Copies

high quality black and white copies
Laser black and white copies, folded and stapled by machine.

We have multiple printers and all are capable of printing only in black. Black and White copies are much less expensive than color because the printing process cost a lot less.

Our largest and best printer is a Xerox Laser Printer.  It produces the darkest black and the sharpest images.  It is capable of printing on a wide range of paper stocks and sizes up to 12” X 18”.  With a finisher installed it can also staple sets and make booklets on the fly.

Our next printer is a Risograph ComColor.  This is a commercial grade inkjet printer.  We call it our discount color printer.  The copies on this printer are not a sharp and clear as the Xerox.  They are also lighter in general.  Although this is a color printer we do offer Black and White prints on it.  It will print in a medium to dark gray, not dark black.  The plus side for this printer is the copies cost less.

cheap black and white copies
duplicator copies

Third is our Risograph Duplicator.  It has 3 colors of ink.  It can print in Black, Medium Blue or Red.  This is the printer with the lowest cost per copy.  However, because of the setup time there is a minimum of 250 copies per original.  It will print with dark colors and sharp images for text.  It can print photos and graphics but the quality is lacking.  This is the printer we use the most when the customer wants the most copies for their money.  The 3 colors are all priced the same.  So with this printer you can get medium blue or red print for the same price an black.

The cost of your copies on these printers will depend on several factors.

  1. Quantity,  The more you get the less the cost.
  2. Paper,  Basic 8.5 X 11 copy paper is included but we have a large selection of optional paper sizes and colors.
  3. Size,  We can print on small envelopes and paper up to 12″ X 18″.

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