color trifold flyers

Every business needs promotional flyers.  Some need very nice full color trifold, others ½ page black and white.  There are a lot options in between and we can fill most any flyer need.

Our average customer will come in with an idea of what they want.  We will go over their requirements and make suggestions.  Then give them a quote for the flyer project.  If they give us the OK, we setup the flyer and when they approve it, we print it.  The process can take from a few minutes to a week or more but most are completed with in a few days.

Some of the options are:

  • Color or Black and white
  • Simplex or duplex
  • One sheet of multiple sheets
  • Type of paper
  • Folded or not
  • Cutting or trimming

Our lease cost option is for 1 color in black, blue or red ink on basic copy paper.  The cost depends on the quantity ordered and can be affected by other finishing options.  Options like an upgrade on paper, cutting or trimming, gluing into note pads etc.  This option is most often used for high volume handouts.

Our next option is Discount Color Copies.  Again, the price is dependent on quantity and options but the price is very competitive.

The last option is our color laser printer.  It provides very rich and clear sharp copies.  The print quality can also be enhanced be paper choice.  We will go over this from the start of your project.  This option is most often used when our customer wants to impress their prospective customers.

As you can see, we have a lot of options to help you get your message out.

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